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Is it just me or... Devon in the last pannel...?


Uh oh. I don't like that face he has at the end


That looks like the outline of his muzzle rather than a smile.But it can be misleading.


Confessions on the chair at 4 o'clock in the morning.


@~@ I really love the comic but dear god >~< I want this to hurry and get to the good stuff sooooo bad.

I have a feeling that he knows what she meant. Which makes it all the more sweeter with her confession.


He knew this whole time, didn't he? He doesn't look surprised at all.


SpiritTheLoneWolf26 said:
Is it just me or... Devon in the last pannel...?

PokéPerv92 said:
Uh oh. I don't like that face he has at the end

He is blushing a little so...maybe?


Waiting for another page is like having an itch and you cant scratch it


1000th upload related to Sefeiren.
Happy dirty milennium ;)


Why must this be delayed more and more! Plz just confess your true love for her Devon! Give us all the release we need!


I want to be friends...--BU-KAAWWK!!--...with benefits


Get the fuck out of my house.
Lol jk i love you too.


I think he knows exactly what you mean. He is just a little shy and awkward too. How cute

welp not sure how a wolf cock would fit inside a bird but I guess I'm gonna find out :D

cjjt123 said:
Devon: im sorry addison i only like wolf jobs

The things one can find on the internet. It truly is magical.


There are some trolls lurking in the comments once again VOTERS UNITE


more than just birds


oooh they gone frisk >:3


Im so exited!

You mean like...best friends?
*GASP* BFFs?!!! We're gonna be BFFs!!


I'm going to go a head an say I lost my best of 5 pages until the unfs... looks like at least 9 now haha.. Probably more. Oh well *woofs*


Congrats on your 1000th post on e621 sefeiren!


incoming "i love u like my sister" line XD