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The Journey - Mag's Comic

A Patreon commission for Magarnan !

He asked me to depict a personal journey of overcoming the adversity of leaders and peers who didn't believe in his dream of joining the military life. Was lovely to draw something personal like this!

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That was awesome!


Lose some weight, furfats!

1 year ago
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Rating: Safe
Score: 27
User: Corniscopic
Date: February 26, 2017

This hits a strong vibe with me. I really wanted to join the military when I was younger, but I'm permanently disqualified from ever joining any branch. I'm glad for other people who get to have this opportunity though.


commander shepherd


Even though this was a small little comic This has such a deep meaning to it and people can relate to it so easily. I Love This So Much


he bakery part got me giggling like an idiot. I love it.

I'm not actually sure which one I'd prefer. He looks super cute as a chubby dog. But then again, his performance and health would increase by a lot of he was fit. Not to mention the most likely boost in confidence. It's a win/win/win.
But still the chubby him looks cute.


They're teasing him for being fat in the middle panel? He looks as skinny as the horse who's teasing him.


I wish this is on Pinterest so I can save this there.

Now that's over... Let's go to McDonalds!


hhmmm..... Furrys and the army always plucks a strange string me with me... Good comic nether the less though...

Rowan_Bojog said:
They're teasing him for being fat in the middle panel? He looks as skinny as the horse who's teasing him.

Maybe he had a small gut still? We didn't see his entire body, so I'm guessing he had a skinny/chubby sort od body at that point of time. Skinny arms yet a small belly is what I had.

MischievousHyena said:
Maybe he had a small gut still?

It's possible, though the way the rest of his body is drawn, it would be only the tiniest little pudge at the bottom. Their comments still wouldn't make much sense, though- obviously someone that thin can see their feet, for example.