e926 5_fingers anthro belt black_background blonde_hair boots brown_spots cape cheek_tuft cheetah claws clothed clothing cosplay countershade_face countershading dipstick_tail eyebrows feline fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem_awakening footwear front_view full-length_portrait fully_clothed fur gloves green_eyes hair hi_res holding_object holding_weapon inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal melee_weapon multicolored_fur multicolored_tail nintendo pink_nose portrait salmy short_hair simple_background smile solo spots spotted_fur standing sword thatwildmary tuft tunic two_tone_fur video_games weapon white_fur white_tail yellow_fur yellow_tail

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Magnifico YCH! Yo soy un verdadero ignorante (a la par que inutil) en Smash Bros, pero ThatWildMary hizo unos YCH con algunos personajes y al ver el de Lucina, me gusto tanto la pose y la ropa que dije... venga va! :D

Y el resultado me parecio genial! ^^

Es una lastima que no podais ver la original y el resto de los cosplays en su galeria, parece que no los ha posteado!


Superawesome YCH! I'm totally clueless (ontop of useless) in Smash Bros, but ThatWildMary made several YCH with some characters and when I saw Lucina, I loved her pose and outfit so much that I thought... let's go for it! :D

And the result turned out great! ^^

It's a shame that you can't see the original post and the rest of the SSBB cosplays... She seems to have not uploaded them!

Art © ThatWildMary

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I can see Lucina looking like this.

1 year ago

Fucking lucina everyway