e926 2016 4_fingers absurd_res anger_vein angry annoyed anthro arm_markings armwear barefoot biceps big_eyebrows biped border bottomless cel_shading cheek_tuft chest_tuft clenched_teeth clothed clothing comic detached_sleeves digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade disappointed discarded_clothing duo embarrassed empty_eyes facial_markings featureless_crotch feet feline fist front_view fully_clothed fur fur_tuft gift hand_on_knee hands_on_hip happy hat headgear hi_res hindpaw holding_clothing holding_object human humanoid_hands humor incineroar japanese_text kitajiro kneeling leg_markings looking_at_another looking_down male mammal markings motion_lines multicolored_fur muscular muscular_male naturally_censored nintendo nude on_ground oops paws perspective pokémon pokémon_(species) raised_arm rear_view regret ringed_tail shadow sharp_teeth shirt shorts simple_background sleeveless_shirt sneakers snout solo_focus standing stocky stripes sun_(pokémon) sweater tail_tuft teenager teeth text tight_clothing toony torn_clothing triceps tuft tusks two_tone_fur two_tone_tail video_games young

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1 year ago
2016 :d <3 abomasnow alakazam amaura ambiguous_gender animate_inanimate antennae anthro arcanine avalugg badge bastiodon beak beartic biped black_body black_eyes black_fur black_horn black_nose black_scales black_sclera blue_body blue_claws blue_eyes blue_feathers blue_fur blue_pawpads blue_scales blue_sclera bovine brown_body brown_feathers brown_fur canine claws cloud cranidos crotch_tuft digitigrade dipstick_tail directional_arrow eeveelution electricity english_text excadrill eyes_closed fangs feathered_wings feathers feline feral fire floating floatzel flower fur fur_markings gem gengar gloves_(marking) gogoat gold_scales green_body green_feathers green_fur grey_background grey_body grin group hair half-closed_eyes hand_holding hawlucha haxorus heliolisk hi_res hidden_eyes hindpaw hooves horn ice insect_wings jellicent kingdra kneeling leaf leavanny lillipup long_tail looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_down lucario lunatone luxray magneton makuhita mammal markings meowstic milotic miltank mismagius monster multi_tail multicolored_body multicolored_feathers multicolored_fur multicolored_scales multicolored_tail musical_note neck_tuft nidoking nintendo no_sclera nosepass on_one_leg onix open_mouth orange_body orange_fur panpour pansage pansear pawpads paws pidgeotto piloswine pink_body pink_fur pink_nose pink_sclera plant pokéball pokémon pokémon_(species) poliwrath purple_body purple_fur purple_hair quadruped raichu red_body red_claws red_eyes red_feathers red_fur red_hooves red_nose red_sclera ribbons rodent rose roserade scales screw scyther sharp_teeth shell silver_body simple_background sitting slaking sloth smile socks_(marking) solrock sparkle spikes spiral standing star starmie steam steelix stripes sun swanna sylveon tail_tuft talons tan_body tan_feathers tan_fur tan_scales teal_eyes teeth text toe_claws tongue torkoal tuft tusks two_tone_body two_tone_fur tyrunt video_games vileplume vivillon watchog water weezing whirlipede white_body white_eyes white_feathers white_fur white_hair white_scales wide_eyed wings yellow_beak yellow_body yellow_eyes yellow_feathers yellow_fur yellow_sclera zebstrika かんな_2日目東m02a

Rating: Safe
Score: 57
User: Rad_Dudesman
Date: February 28, 2016

That "I am sorry" face in the last panel is so cute!