e926 2017 abstract_background ambiguous_gender black_fur black_lips black_nose canine countershade_face countershading day detailed feral fluffy fox front_view fur headshot_portrait icon inner_ear_fluff kenket long_mouth looking_away mammal no_sclera orange_eyes orange_fur painting_(artwork) portrait red_fox shadow slit_pupils smile snout snow snowing solo traditional_media_(artwork) whiskers white_fur

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Winter Coat

I'm bundled
I got on like two jackets on
Two pair of pants
About three socks
A hat
I need a mask, too, 'cause it's cold
Real cold

(lyrics from the song, First Snow by Emancipator)

Art © 2017 Kenket

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I knew it was a Kenket as soon as I saw the thumbnail.


Fox go FLOOF <3


The Great Foxgang

Fenrick said:
The Great Foxgang

Oi >:v