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From the source:

Little personal antifascist art ~
Will maybe be done as stickers by mx
Idea come from monsieurchien
I thinks the message is clear there ^^

Parce que j'avais envie de faire un peu de dessin militant choupi ! xD
Idée de Monsieur Chien ♥ Ce visuel sera peut être sorti sur stickers par Mx pour en foutre pleins partout :D
Une mouffette nazi qui se fait tataner la gueule par un hérisson à crête, je pense que le message est clair :P



Real clever, there gonna start feeling bad about themselves now.


"Nazi furs and Antifa furs"

Kinda hard to take both seriously to be honest.


We have a tag for pickelhaubes, fucking excellent.




Nazis are too GASSY anyway !

I know the exit, I'll see myself out ...


"Everyone I don't like is a nazi"
What a truly joyous and magical time it is to be alive.


i disagree

Waffle-SS said:
i disagree


Just kidding...

"Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi all by, all by proxy."


Easy solution:
If you don't wanna be called a Nazi, don't do things that make you look like a Nazi

It still bothers me a bit how the spiked helmet is so associated with Nazism when it's a central European thing that's existed among police and soldiers going back to the mid-1800s to today. Hell, just look here and you see the current Swedish Royal Guards wearing them. Not a Nazi thing.