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That's a size and gender swap?


"Those foxlets, am I right?"

Well well well looks who's tall now


Hasn't this been here before?


RT_Pilon said:
Hasn't this been here before?

Not yet

Death by Snu Snu Upgrade


TheGTBX said:
Death by Snu Snu Upgrade

What about 'put into the hospital, followed by high-fives' by snoo snoo?

Nope i think judy turn Into a hare

Disney style species swap(nothing else changes). Oops they didn't account for male rabbits being more sexual than male foxes. They will get even less work done now than the other way.

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Date: September 30, 2015

Well it does not sell.

2052a said:
Well it does not sell.

Wait a minute... a huge Hopps toy and/or plushie sounds like it would sell well to me...