e926 4_toes 5_fingers ?_block amiibo ball beige_skin blonde_hair blue_eyes boots buster_sword canine cephalopod chain claws clothing cosplay crossover day domino_mask duo_focus facial_markings female final_fantasy fire floating flying footwear fur ghost gloves grey_fur group hair hi_res holding_ball holding_object holding_weapon hood humanoid hyrule_warriors inkling knee_boots link link_(wolf_form) linkle looking_at_viewer male mammal marine markings mask melee_weapon mouth_hold nintendo outside paws pokéball pokémon riding rock satoru_iwata shackles sky smile spirit splatoon square_enix squid star_fox stupjam sword tan_fur tennis_ball tentacle_hair tentacles the_legend_of_zelda toes video_games weapon white_fur wolf


I enjoy this.

Call of the Legend of Super Star Splatoon VII - Sun and Moon! X3

Still, Iwata's legacy will live on!

9 months ago

Lovely piece! Is that a Star-Fox visor I spy on Wolf-Link?


Why does she have Cloud's buster sword if she's supposed to be Linkle?

8 months ago
2013 5_fingers abs anthro athletic canine claws collarbone cute dingo front_view fur gloves_(marking) half-length_portrait holding_arm imiak inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal markings navel nipples nude peachez pecs pink_eyes pink_fur pink_nose portrait pose shy solo tan_fur v-cut

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Score: 26
User: flux_capacitor
Date: March 02, 2013

A.F.M said:
Why does she have Cloud's buster sword if she's supposed to be Linkle?

This is why.