e926 2016 alpha_channel ambiguous_gender anthro arrow avian beak bird blik blue_beak bust_portrait cel_shading decidueye digital_media_(artwork) eye_markings feathers flora_fauna front_view i-am-that-japanesse leaf looking_at_viewer low_res markings nintendo object_in_mouth orange_markings plant pokémon portrait red_eyes shaded simple_background transparent_background video_games white_feathers

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Image I used for my f-list icon. Probably won't be using anymore though, so I'll put it up here if anyone else wants to use it.
Dammit, I left one of the vines unfinished. >n> (Since I was gonna crop it out anyways to make the face fit in an icon.)

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2016 artist-apprentice587 avian beverage bird coffee cup dartrix holding_cup humor leaf nintendo owl pokémon solo video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 20
User: croissantfox
Date: November 10, 2016
Well, goodbye coffee owl, hello ghost owl.