e926 2016 animatronic blue_eyes datfurrydude ennard_(fnafsl) exposed_muscle five_nights_at_freddy's glowing glowing_eyes humanoid machine mask monster red_nose robot scar sharp_teeth sister_location skinless solo teeth video_games white_eyes

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Muscled, fleshy version of Ennard.
If i have to add a tentacle-pornstar on FNAF, this would be the guy. Maybe...

Talking about tentacle, an explicit drawing with an X-ray view is on its way.

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It's like Attack on Titian?


Knuckkie said:
It's like Attack on Titian?

Like, some tiny people swinging around a colossal retarded-looking humanoid beings while slashing and cutting the limbs off them like a human-helicopter?


Ennard gonna do some work


Well if you got the true ending on fnaf sister location you would no that enard wants "inside of you".


I would be runing fo my life

Holy s**t this is intense.