e926 2016 ambiguous_gender black_eyes black_fur black_lips black_nose brown_body brown_fur canine day detailed detailed_background fangs feral fox fur headshot_portrait inner_ear_fluff kenket licking licking_lips long_mouth looking_back looking_up mammal no_sclera orange_eyes orange_fur painting_(artwork) pink_tongue plank portrait red_fox side_view slit_pupils snout solo tongue tongue_out traditional_media_(artwork) whiskers white_fur wood

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Cycles of Life

And your teeth, they're worth more than you can spare
Oh, don't tell me that it just isn't fair
Don't speak about the cycles of life
'Cause your thoughts are so soft I can cut 'em with a spork, or a bride's knife

(excerpt text from the song, Spare-Ohs by Andrew Bird)

Art © 2016 Kenket

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