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Aliasing jijis-waifusthundared
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Artist is tagged under two different names, with one being their Deviantart and the other their Tumblr. Merging the two would be nice.

Well, there is link from his tumblr to the deviantart. But it seems his deviantart hasn't been used in a long long time. So perhaps the alias should be turned around.

Don't forget their Tumblr.

I think this same artist is split across 3 three names.


Gonna need to confirm this before aliasing.

"Thundared" is definitely out...that seems to be the name on his old DeviantArt account which hasn't updated since January of 2014.

I have sent the artist a Tumblr ask as to which of these names he would perfer: jijis-waifus, oh-jiji, or jiji-sam (which is the name on his new DA account). Hopefully he responds promptly and when he does I'll update this thread.


Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/jijisama
Tumblr Account 1: http://oh-jiji.tumblr.com/
Tumblr Account 2: https://secondjiji.tumblr.com/
Deviant Account 1: http://jiji-sam.deviantart.com/

pick something because I want to consolidate this

Knotty_Curls said:

Well...he has yet to respond to my Tumblr ask. Every other booru calls him jijis-waifus so that's my vote. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel on this one.

This tag may be related since the shark images are sourced from jijis-waifus: jjfrenchie

Knotty_Curls said:

went ahead and consolidated these to jijis-waifus.

if someone can confirm every jjfrenchie post is legit, that'd be awesome.

Lance_Armstrong said:
This tag may be related since the shark images are sourced from jijis-waifus: jjfrenchie

I think that was an art trade, which explains why it ended up on Jiji's Tumblr. jjfrenchie is a distinct artist with his own style who I have been following for years...definately not another pseudonym of jijis-waifus.