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3 months ago
2017 ambiguous_gender anthro blue_fur blue_hair digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) feline fur green_eyes hair looking_at_viewer mammal multicolored_fur multicolored_hair pink_nose rady-wolf short_hair simple_background slit_pupils smile solo two_tone_fur two_tone_hair white_background white_fur white_hair

Rating: Safe
Score: 6
User: Nicklo6649
Date: June 01, 2018
In response to blip #79228

@Guil-The-Hedgehog: I only had plans on uploading cub art from an artist named Claralaine back then...but look where I am now lol. Not that I’m complaining, as I quite like what I’m doing now. Not to mention, no one else is really doing it.