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2018 3_fingers 3_toes bear bearphones blue_background brown_fur controller dualshock_4 featureless_crotch fur game_controller gaming grizzly_bear happy headphones hi_res male mammal nintendo nintendo_switch obese open_mouth orange_eyes overweight pawpads playing_videogame playstation_4 pocketpaws poof reclining simple_background smaller_version_at_source smile solo toes tongue video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 27
User: Mairo
Date: March 07, 2018
In response to blip #78349

@Dutchnoob: There's so much more furry content than just explicit and r34. You can also look up rattes artwork yourself and see they have neither.

I personally dislike seeing r34 of characters which lore I know and they are acting againts it.