6 days ago
2015 abstract_background android anthro armor avalenna blue_eyes breasts clothing conditional_dnp dress duo faraden female happy lagomorph machine male mammal orange_eyes photon rabbit ratte ratteguhn robot simple_background smile

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User: NotMeNotYou
Date: March 18, 2015
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@TheHuskyK9: like how awkward are we talking here?

5 days ago
2016 :3 black_fur black_nose canine conditional_dnp cute digital_media_(artwork) dog feral fluffy fur hat husky male mammal multicolored_fur poof ratte simple_background smile solo thehuskyk9 top_hat two_tone_fur white_background white_fur yellow_eyes

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User: TheHuskyK9
Date: April 21, 2016
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@Routganan: Ending every sentence with "okay, um....yeah", chuckling at everything, and stares at you after talking. Although, she was probably just nervous. Also, she's straight outta Ukraine :V