Sharp Coyote
7 months ago
2002 ambiguous_gender anthro biped black_claws black_nose blowing blue_background canine claws coyote dreamcatcher eyes_closed feathers full_moon fur grey_fur inner_ear_fluff kyoht_luterman mammal moon native_american simple_background solo spiral star

Rating: Safe
Score: 110
User: Vyss
Date: January 14, 2012

With big breasts almost completely exposed, anybody else think this one should not be locked to rating:s ?
Nipples are covered I know, but c'mon; that is a whole lot of tiddy hanging out there.

anthro big_breasts breasts cat cheetah cleavage clothed clothing feline female hair huge_breasts looking_at_viewer low_res mammal midriff myojinius shirt short_hair skimpy solo standing tattoo tied_shirt tube_top

Rating: Safe
Score: 9
User: The Dog In Your Guitar
Date: August 05, 2007

In response to blip #75809

@Sharp_Coyote: I personally wouldn't change the rating unless there're exposed nipples, the post itself also isn't overtly sexual. It can just be another cleavage (if topless, featureless_breasts) post. Both of which can also be tagged Safe.