11 days ago
2017 :3 abstract_background brown_fur canine conditional_dnp fur green_fur mammal multicolored_fur musical_note paper poof ratte shadow sheet_music simple_background sleeping two_tone_fur w0lfb3at5 wolf

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User: W0LFB3AT5
Date: October 06, 2017
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@Sharp_Coyote: Here’s one that I’m hoping to get soon...

Price range average: $25-30,000. Maybe more than that...

Sharp Coyote
10 days ago
2002 abstract abstract_background ambiguous_gender anthro biped black_claws black_nose blowing blue_background canine claws coyote dreamcatcher eyes_closed feathers fur grey_fur inner_ear_fluff kyoht_luterman mammal moon native_american simple_background solo spiral star

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User: Vyss
Date: January 14, 2012
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W0LFB3AT5 said:
@Sharp_Coyote: "Here’s one that I’m hoping to get soon...

Looks better than the R, and way cheaper, but has the same 1.5T you already have, so is it worth the years of payments starting over?