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2016 <3 anthro asriel_dreemurr asriel_dreemurr_(god_form) black_sclera boots boss_monster caprine clothed clothing digitigrade english_text fangs fluff-kevlar footwear fur furgonomics girly goat grey_horn hair horn jewelry legwear levitation long_ears looking_at_viewer male mammal markings necklace red_eyes robe signature smile solo text thigh_highs undertale video_games white_fur white_hair wide_hips

Rating: Safe
Score: 175
User: GameManiac
Date: June 09, 2016
In response to blip #68154

@Mutisija: TvTropes calls characters like that "Camp Straight".

In response to blip #68156

@kamimatsu: Well... I guess I myself tend to be "Camp straight".

I admit that being of free and acceptable "gay/Happy", girly behavior/mannerisms makes me feel so... Belonged to/loved/joyful, though I am NOT actually Gay myself.(1/2)

In response to blip #68156

@kamimatsu: Ideally I am very feminine, unt Pinkie Pie plus Fluttershy- like in public, as this brings my spirit utmost joy. (2/3)

In response to blip #68156

@kamimatsu: However, I am forced to curb it I public, instead pushed to hide behind a facade of "dark/benign mysteriousness", much like a "detective-type". It may bringeth loneliness , but thus is un fair trade-off for not being fully outcast by most.