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2016 ? anthro black_fur black_hair black_nose bound breasts canine cat cheek_tuft crying dream_eater duo e621 english_text eyelashes fan_character feline female feral fluffy food fruit fur green_eyes hair hi_res horn humor kingdom_hearts lol_comments looking_up mammal melon meloncat melonyan meme meow_wow nude paralee_(character) poof rainbow ratte square_enix tardar_sauce tears text tuft video_games wall_of_text warcraft were werewolf worgen

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User: NotMeNotYou
Date: May 17, 2016
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Ratte said:
@W0LFB3AT5: We could always go back to our opinions of various animal penises in one's orifice of choice if that makes you feel better.

How about alcohol out of animal penis shaped bottles?