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2017 ambiguous_gender anthro avian beak biped black_beak bluekomadori brown_feathers decidueye digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) digitigrade feathered_wings feathers front_view full-length_portrait green_feathers looking_at_viewer mask_(marking) multicolored_feathers nintendo nude pokémon pokémon_(species) portrait pseudo_clothing shadow simple_background smile solo standing talons video_games white_background white_feathers white_skin winged_arms wings yellow_eyes

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User: facelessmess
Date: September 19, 2017
In response to blip #68140

@Sorrowless: It sounds like you don't know what 'cultural' means. I am speaking from experience.

Ryuzaki Tritium said:
@Fenrick: Sounds fake.

So directly witnessing problems amounts to absolutely nothing because culture exists; gotcha.