As I say, though. You Americans are not only too conservative towards alcohol, but it's also made any alcohol you guys DO have absolutely shit.

Like what the shit do you think beer is? It's not Bud Lite. Bud Lite is not beer.

10 months ago
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User: NotMeNotYou
Date: August 01, 2016
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@Ryuzaki_Tritium: You make it seem like that's the only thing we have for some reason. Further, seeing alcoholism in your social circles/family will probably have an impact on one's views. Get over it.

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@Fenrick: @Yellowfin_Tuna: @Ryuzaki_Tritium:

Say what you will, but my own views about alcohol are fully against those of the culture I live in, be I influenced by it or not...(1/3)

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@Ryuzaki_Tritium: Nevertheless, I still find alcohol comforting... As anything in life, all in responsible moderation;As long as it es not abused, I believe consumption of ethanol can be enjoyed, and also, dare I say useful as a "social lubricant".