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android anthro armpits black_fur blue_eyes blue_hair blue_nose canned_(artist) cat clothed clothing feline fur hair hi_res looking_at_viewer lying machine male mammal medical on_back on_floor partially_clothed reclining ribs robot robotic_reveal scalpel screwdriver short_hair solo surgery technet tools topless underwear white_fur wire

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Date: September 06, 2014
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@Sorrowless: In the US, I think it comes from prohibition, where things were happening, so they banned alcohol, then people raised hell and did alcohol illegally, so the government re-legalized it with the condition of being responsible with it.

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<_> abstract_background ambiguous_gender anthro black_nose bust_portrait canine derp_eyes digital_media_(artwork) drooling fur green_background hand_on_chin heterochromia ivybeth mammal nude portrait saliva simple_background solo thinking what white_fur wolf

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I drink alcohol at least 5 times a month- (once every week). Responsibly and mostly on my day off. When I got hungover at 19 in Germany and regret it, I haven't laid a finger on booze for 3 years.