Ryuzaki Tritium
1 year ago
+ anthro arm_on_leg barefoot bent_legs big_tail biped black_claws black_hair black_markings black_tail brown_skin canine claws clothed clothing colored_pencil_(artwork) dipstick_tail dreadlocks ear_tuft fluffy fluffy_tail fox full-length_portrait fur grey_pants hair hat highlights holding_object hoodie inner_ear_fluff lapfox_trax long_hair looking_at_viewer male mammal marker_(artwork) markings mixed_media multicolored_tail nurse pen_(artwork) portrait red_ears red_eyes red_fur red_tail renard_queenston shirt_logo shukketsu-kokoro side_view simple_background sitting smile snout solo striped_fur striped_tentacles stripes syringe tentacle_hair tentacles traditional_media_(artwork) tuft white_background white_clothing white_highlights white_markings white_shirt white_tail white_topwear

Rating: Safe
Score: 82
User: EagleFeet
Date: August 11, 2011
In response to blip #68101

@Syderen: But I thought tobacco naturally had tar in it? Isn't that why even rolling tobacco's bad for you?

1 year ago

In response to blip #68109

@Sorrowless: yep.
@Doomguy666: yes.
@kamimatsu: Right on. Soil is damaged from everything that now "good quality" is just history.
@Ryuzaki_Tritium: negative. My apprentice's great grandfather had clean lungs when he died.